Sunday, 2 September 2012


That's what my DH and I have been since we came home from our hols - busy.
The outside looked like a bomb had dropped after the awful wet weather of this year. Black, almost, paths, flowers that had been attacked by the rain, empty flower pots that I never got a chance to plant. So drastic action had to be taken.
DH started to re-paint the fence panels only to find that some of the wood between the panels and posts was rotten. Amazing how one simple job becomes umpteen major ones. Then it rained - again! Anyway, after having spent days of having to go out for one thing or another, we finally got to power wash the paths last Thursday. It took all day and we were so tired and aching after it. I had the unenviable job of sweeping away the water. Just look at my feet:
The dye came out of my shoes and added to the dirt from the paths. I had a right job showering that lot off.
Anyway, we started to sort out the plants, re-preserve the wooden garden furniture, paint some trellis, treat ourselves to another tree fern and a chiminea. Still more to do but here is the result so far:

It would be lovely if the winter stayed mild so that I don't have to put fleece round the tree ferns and some other plants round the other side, but that's asking rather a lot I think.
Right, today I'm going to have a go at Tim's september tag. Not sure what die cut to use though as I don't have the typwriter one. Still, somthing will come to mind.


Redanne said...

Oooh Joanne, your poor feet - still it looks like all your efforts were worthwhile, it all looks lovely now! Did my Tim Tag yesterday, I used the large typewriter on shrink plastic, it came out OK. Have a relaxing day today doing your tag......Crafty hugs, Anne x

Dawn said...

Jo your feet are not to be shared with us (ever again) lol

The garden however is stunning and worth all that effort xx