Saturday, 16 April 2011


This is short notice, but then it could be good.
Leave a comment, after becoming a follower, with the answers to these questions and on Monday afternoon you may just win some 'mystery' blog candy.

1.  Who am I?
2.  Who is my DH?
3.  How long has this blog been - blogging?
4.  How did this blog get it's name?

Good luck.

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Bea said...
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soniajones said...

I'm a follower
you're Joanne
DH is Terry
blogging since 2007
your lovely cat Toby

Gez said...

Thank you for the chance to win some 'mystery' blog candy.. here are my answers :)

1. You are a lovely lady called Joanne who doesn't mind Mushroom dabbers ;)
2. Your DH Peg-leg who is equally talented..sorry I mean Terry :)
3. Woohoo! your blog is 3 yrs on Monday, 18th April (Many CONGRATULATIONS ♥♥♥) & thank you for sharing your inspiration with all of us.xx
4. Your lovely bloggie is named after your beloved pedigree chocolate burmese puddy cat Toby

Zoechaos said...


I am a follower and have been for some time now LOL

You are Joanne a crafter
Your OH is know as Peg Leg if he ever does have that op he will need a new name!
You started this blog back in April 2008 long before I knew you
The name of your blog 'Mytobyjug' is for your now departed much loved feline whose face is your blog header.

What fun XOXO Zoe

Bea said...

hi already a follower
Your name is Joanne
Your DH is Terry
How long - since april 2008
Name came from - your furry cat friend - choclate burmese cat

16/4/11 17:58

She said...

Morning lovely :-)
Here are my answers........
1 You are my lovely pal Joanne :-)
2 Terry, AKA 'Peg Leg' give him a big hug from me :-)
3 April 18th 2008 :-)
4 From you lovely furry puddy cat (choccy Burmese I think):-)

Have a lovely Sunday, thank you for giving us the chance to win some 'mystery' candy.

Love S xx

Hels Sheridan said...

Oh so... I promise that I knew all the answers and am not just a copycat lol... but I never win candy so thought I would give it a go :O))

You are Joanne who is ever so slightly mad about all things inky and Tim Holtz-y and you are still up there flying about ever since you sat in the same room as him on Feb 24th 2011 - oh and you are one of the kindest and most thoughtful ladies I have ever met! **stop it, I am getting misty**

You are married to Peg Leg who is super talented with wood and stuff and has made you cool tools and storage and looks like he is awhizz with a guitar (I said that like geeeetahhhr...) and he is really in need of an operation to stop him being Peg Leg and start being sexy legs again (well, a bit of flattery might wing it rofl)

You have had your blog for 834 years... ok, I am kidding... you have had your blog for exactly THREE years tomorrow!! (congrats!)

Your blog is named after your beautiful boy Toby who is your muse and who kept you company on your travels in your holiday home on wheels...

Finger's X'd!! xx
BTW. .THANK YOU for your lovely lovely comment on my blog today... bless ya x