Wednesday, 20 April 2011


I am very late in posting a picture of my workdesk today because I have been soooo busy looking for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday!!!!! To no avail I'm afraid so they have disappeared into the galaxy of days along with most of the others from this year. It's impossible for there to be just 1 week or so left in April, meaning a whole 4 months of 2011 have slipped by. Mind, I am glad the freezing weather has gone. That was just awful.
Anyway, I am waffling so in order to make things more clear for you, here is a link to our leader Julia, whose lovely blog explains all there is to know about Wednesday.
My desk has been productive since the last woyww, but not so much now.
I have been making ATCs for my swap box, using some of the paper flowers I've made over the weeks. Other than that, nothing much to report.
Now for those of you who have been following the NHS story at our house, 'peg leg' should be having his double hernia operation next Tuesday. That was according to the booking officer I spoke to. However, true to form, he hasn't received any form of notification one way or the other. This is just so ridiculous. Our life is on hold because we just don't know what is happening at all. I think I'll buy a manual and have a go myself!!
Enjoy woyww folk.


Dawn said...

Lovely flowers and the ATCs look like there coming on nicely

Love Dawn xx

Karen said...

It sounds like you have had a busy, creative week with your ATC's. I hope you hear something positive soon from the hospital {{hugs}}
Have a lovely WOYWW,
Karen #41

Helen said...

Hope you get the news soon, and it actually goes ahead. Always lovely to see your gorgeous desk.

Gez said...

Sorry to hear the NHS are being true to form again. What a pain :(
Your desk is looking sooo inviting. Have a good afternoon Joanne.xx

okienurse said...

ATC's look very nice. I love the paper flowers! Sounds like the NHS is dragging its feet. Here I can walk in and get something done in record time but usually pay an arm and leg for it. I am still stuck with my medical issues and disability isn't coming through very fast and I pray I won't be disallowed. Hope your DH gets scheduled soon. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #28

Caro said...

Lovely neat looking desk this week and I love the paper flowers. Keep pestering the NHS and I hope it all gets sorted soon. Caro #46

debby4000 said...

I think i need you to tidy up my desk, yours look so organised.
Nothing surprises me about the NHS they forget who actually pays their wages, us the taxpayer.

Sunshine Girl said...

What a very tidy desk you have there! Did you enjoy your day with Tim? I went on the Friday and had a fab time.

Tertia said...

Such a tidy desk! You will be giving me a complx soon.