Wednesday, 27 April 2011


It's that Wednesday again. You know, the day that comes around quicker than any of the others in the week. It's also the one that turns us into snoopers and encourages us to sneak into fellow crafter's rooms and have a nosey in their cupboards, on their desks and admire their craft tools and wips.. Want to join us? then pop over to our leader, Julia, for all the info.
Mine is like this today -
Not a lot different from last week or any other come to that. I'm one that just has to clear away each time I use something so that I have room  to work and also so I know where to find that something the next time I need it. One reason I can always put my fingers on my 45yr old Fiskars scissors you see in this photo.

In between other things over this past week, I have actually made another page for Toby's album. I'm ahead of myself with this one because it's for his birthday on the 24th May which is when I'll blog it. It turned out nice but should have had the photo you see on the shelf in it too, however, I decided to use an on the edge die from Tim's range and ended up cutting the photo in half!!!! I was destraught as I hate cutting his photos.  I played around with some Claudine Helmuth paints and distress stains yesterday to make backings for ATCs. This is how they turned out.

I like them very much. No idea what I will add to them but they are for my stash so only time will tell. The idea was launched this week by Hels, you know the lass who is whizzing off to Ranger U tomorrow! She did a bit of splodging and splashing of paint and ink and the idea appealed so I had a go too. My mind boggles at the thought of what she will get up to when she comes back and what fabulous creations will be aired. I can't wait and wish her an amazing trip. Keep us informed of everything along the way Hels. xx
Well today is going to be busy. We are replacing the fascia boards with plastic today in readiness for having the outside walls re-rendered next week with a polymer resin material which will be covered with ----- crushed sea shells. Well I do live near the sea! Actually it's an insulation product discovered by a firm called Testa Teres which should give a 50%+ reduction in heat loss.
But how can your 'peg leg' be doing that today after having a double hernia operation yesterday, I hear you asking. True to form, the NHS decided to ignore him by not sending a letter or phoning him with details to go in for the op. So much for having a date. We are now back to waiting and wondering what is going on. On the up side though, the motorhome passed it's MOT (2nd time of trying) after having to have a new stainless steel exhaust made because you CANNOT buy a replacement one for our van. Just another little problem of late.
Thanks for reading this far - if you have - I had better get dressed and go climb a ladder I suppose.


MvM-design said...

Thanks for sharing, have a happy and creative Wednesday!!
Hugs Marleen #57

Helen said...

Sometimes the NHS is great and sometimes - NOT. Hope you and peg-leg get sorted soon. Mind that ladder, now!

Sarpreet said...

love your blending tools, lots of lovely goodies there, Happy WOYWW 99, Thank you for sharing your desk with us much appreciated it. A great desk. #31.

sasa said...

Did the on-line Claudine course last year - her products and teaching are just fab - have fun with them...

thanks for the peek,

Sarah at 8

okienurse said...

looks like a very busy desk there. I saw the cut mark across the pic and wondered what was up there! Love the ATC backs. I think they could do well for the fronts also! Thanks for sharing. Vickie aka okienurse #35

Andria said...

HAPPY WOYWW - Andria #29

Cauliflower Cupcake said...

lots going on there. Lovely desk area.
Happy woyww
rebecca (38)