Friday, 15 January 2016


I prepped this bag last year along with several other projects, ready for these next few weeks sewing through the cold weather. 
I hope it works because I've used a bundle of fat quarters I bought from Hobbycraft and it means because the fabric is not full width, the straps will turn out half the size stated on the pattern I'm following. Having said that, I really think that 44" is far too long. So we'll see what happens.
These are the prepped pieces.
Each 5" square needed to be spray glued to a 4" piece of wadding making a sandwich. There are 16 of these plus a longer piece for the base.
Took a while but it was easy.
Once they were just about dry they needed to be quilted - free motion. I disassembled my walking foot from my machine and attached an open toe foot.
I've only had a go with this foot once before and it isn't an easy thing to get right. However, the sewing on this bag doesn't call for precision so I just went for it.
Phew! Glad that bit is done. I've packed in for today as the light is getting bad and I need to set my machine up differently once more ready for the next stage. Also, I must sort my quilting threads from the ordinary ones. I have a little shopping list going too for such things as a Really Useful box for my awkward shape/size sewing feet etc. so may be out tomorrow. BFN

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Barb said...

Happy sewing Joanne! I'll be watching you. Barbxx