Thursday, 14 January 2016


Yippee! The bag is finished
Had to make a quick trip to buy some thick iron on Vilene this morning - couldn't find my stash!!! - because I'd hoped the bag would stand up on its own but it wouldn't. Trying to incorporate the stiffening into a half sewn bag was a challenge to say the least and really had I known I needed it, I would have ironed it on before I even contemplated sewing. It sort of worked but to ensure it stayed in place, I sewed some of the flowers.
Also, my idea was to line the bag by pulling the bag through the lining once sewn round the top. With the extra thickness and the stiff base I doubted that would work, so I decided to place the lining inside the bag and sew it alltogether then add a binding to the top edge.
 My quilting clips were perfect for holding everything together.
I used some left over material from a quilt I made as a Christmas present and it matched like a dream.
It was all a bit of a challenge but the end result is a success.
There you have it. A waterproof lined shopping bag made without a pattern. One tick for me then.


Sue said...

Very nice!

Barb said...

It looks fantastic Joanne. Love the flowery material. You clever girl you. Not one to be beaten are you! A tick and a gold star too. Barbxx