Sunday, 31 January 2016


Not much to show today because other things are afoot in our household.
Hubby and I have been out most of the day pricing cupboards, doors, electric trunking etc. etc.
 He has made a start on his bench/storage area in his shed aka. music/ chill out room! Half of what was in there is now in my front room, kitchen and porch!!  He says it will only take him 2 days to assemble new cupboards, re-route some electrics and put a worktop on!!! AMAZING considering it takes at least 5 years to do a simple job anywhere else!!! LOL
I hope the rest doesn't take that long because it involves the kitchen re-vamp and my craft room - again!!
Anyway, my lovely friend Sylvia rang me last night after seeing my Blog post from yesterday when I showed the progress with the rag throw squares. She was concerned about the size of the base ones because usually shrinkage can occur when you quilt them together. I explained, as best I could to the very person who has started me on this patchwork journey and who is an absolute genius at it, that that wouldn't be the case as I was making this similar to the little rag bag I've just done except I would only be 'cross hatching' these squares. Isn't she a treasure to be helping me from 300 miles away. So special.
Anyway, today I've cut the grand total of 14 pieces of wadding. Wow!
That could quite possibly be it for several weeks especially if I finally get these 3 times per week hospital appointments. Watch this space..........

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pearshapedcrafting said...

Just realised I have missed a post - I know someone else who uses the bed to lay out her quilting squares. Love the colours!I hope you are soon spick and span! Good luck with your appointments - waiting for them is frustrating I'm sure! Hugs, Chrisx