Saturday, 16 January 2016


I had a little shopping list on the go and today decided to go looking for a few items on it.
My box of threads contains a mixture of specialised, quilting, cotton and polyester. Yesterday I had trouble finding some machine quilting thread amongst the mayhem, so decided to try and split it into a couple of boxes which meant finding one more to match the ones I already have. It turned out I already had one in my dry goods cupboard in the kitchen, so I 'snaffled' it.
Job #1 done.
Next little problem was storing spools holding different threads. I had one little spool box storing the overflow from the now full storage in my sewing machine, so I bought another one today. Just need to sort them all out now.
My specialist machine feet had no home so I bought another white box to help sort that problem.
My craft shelves are still tidy despite the change around, I just can't work in a mess.
So the rag bag had no progress made to it today apart from me clipping all the pieces together ready for sewing.
There's always tomorrow!!! 

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Nan G said...

Fabulous organization! Love those boxes they're so pretty. What'cha gonna make with all the little squares? Hugs