Wednesday, 20 January 2016


The last little bit is now complete. I had a lovely button, or so I thought, for my rag bag - 
But when I came to sew it on I realised it was just a tad too small. This morning I had to go for a pneumococcal jab so while out I went in search for a better button. I found a black toggle one which, apart from the one fastened to the lid, was the only one in the tube. At 98p quite pricey but it turned out they wouldn't be re-ordering them so the assistant gave me the one from the lid. Two for the price of one, happy!
It's now stitched in place making another little project completed.
I need to make some cards next before I decide which sewing project to either start or continue with. 

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Nan G said...

A gorgeous rag bag!!