Saturday, 9 January 2016


Before I go any further, I just have to tell you - I've finished my version of Karen's canvas albeit, the nearest I could manage following her fabby tutorial. 
To be perfectly honest, I am quite emotional because I just LOVE IT.
For those of you who know me, I am not talented nor professional in paper or mixed media art but I am an avid enthusiastic hobby crafter. I follow those who CAN because I CANT and gain my 'expertise' that way. Karen's tutorial on the Ranger blog was my 'kick' into action for 2016 after a lack of enthusiasm - for many reasons - during 2015.
Thank you to those of you who have encouraged me through this project, least of all Karen herself. 
So, today I had to make tutus. My hat goes off to those who make life-size versions, because working with net is a nightmare. 
I stitched and jabbed my fingers and stitched again, OK! Not Karen's fault, I have a very large arthritic  right thumb joint which annoyed me rotten because I couldn't keep hold of the thread. Haha! You won't beat me. 
That was difficult but I got there in the end.
I decided to complete the little extra touches to my canvas before sticking the crazy birds down as I just knew I would stamp those tutus.
I just can't believe the outcome of this. I know it's mine but I love how it looks. One lesson here is to 'just go for it' but pick your colours first. Having said that, you could always Gesso the whole lot out if it didn't work!!
Well folk, the time arrived. LEGS.  I did consider these
quite a 'cop out' really and a big upset for Karen that I wasn't going the 'full hog' and completing her tutorial. - BUT I can't draw, seriously, I can't draw. How on earth can I free hand draw legs for my ballerina crazy birds??? This is how,
Waste not want not. My Ranger specialist stamping card is just too good to waste.
Every little bit used.

Well, I did it, me who can't draw - DREW
So the assembly is ready. The white bits around the legs have been gone over with my black soot Distress marker. 
I hope you like my finished canvas. 
I make no apologies for 3 photos of it because I am absolutely thrilled to 'little mint balls' with it.
A great big THANK YOU to Karen Haysleden for the amazing tutorial and to Ranger (#rangerink) for publishing it.
I got a revised 'crafty kick' to start off 2016 and am grateful for it - and the BIG smile.


Barb said...

I'm proud to be the first to say Congratulations Joanne on completing this beautiful piece of art work. You shouldn't be so humble. I really see you as a very talented lady.

What a fantastic idea of Karen's to present them as ballet dancers - genius!

I love the tutu's you've made. Certainly some good work there. Makes me remember when I was young I made myself petticoats like this. That was when I enjoyed being fashionable!

The bird in the middle is my favourite of the crazy birds but I have to say the one on the right doing the splits cracked me up.

Joanne I really love your beautiful canvas. Well Done. No stopping you now girl.

Sue said...

I am inspired! You did it and now I need to try it too! Well done! Well done! You have every right to be proud.

kassa said...

I am thrilled and over the moon you felt inspired to create the Crazy Birds 'Happy New Year' canvas Joanne - and total WoWzers it looks totally amazing, über Kool all of it - thanks sooooo much for sharing - mwah xoxoxo

pearshapedcrafting said...

No wonder you are excited - this really is fabulous! I am so pleased that you found out that you are the artist I have always thought you are! Thank you for sharing this on your blog -it makes me happy to see it! Hugs, Chrisx

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Absolutely brilliant . Your tutus are fantastic. Wonderful start to 2016. Tracy x X

jojo79 said...

This is fab Joanne

Nan G said...

OMG! What's not to LOVE?! This is brilliant, fabulous absolutely stunning! I love it! The colors are fab and those crazy birds In tutus....!!!...OMG What a great way to kick start 2016, Joanne! Can I say again, I love it! Hugs