Sunday, 17 January 2016


I've had a 'trying' time today as you can see by this photo.
The little rag bag reached some awkward sewing moments and the inevitable happened whilst I was sewing the base to the sides. Always makes me jump out of my skin when I break a needle. 
The whole thing has now become quite stiff due to each block having been quilted prior to assembly, so manoeuvring it was a challenge. I got there as I always do.
The edge around the top had to be turned over and sewn to form a casing to accommodate some 1/4" cotton cord. I suppose it's not only to neaten the edge but to give it some body. Anyway I don't have any nor can I find my Bodkin so there's another shopping list in the making.
I've just started the tedious task of clipping all the seams after which and once the cord is in place, the bag has to be washed in order to 'rag' it.
The clipping bit will take me ages so I may not be around for a while!!!!!!


pearshapedcrafting said...

Just had a look at your posts with the progress of this gorgeous bag - I love the fabric you are using! Looking forward to seeing it completed! Hope you don't break any more needles! Hugs, Chrisx

Barb said...

Oh sorry your needle broke. Off to the shops again then. I really like the material you're using. Barbxx

Nan G said...

Oh wow! This is turning out fabulous! I'm always in awe of folks that sew. Personally, I'm afraid of that fast moving needle. :( Looking forward to the finish piece.