Saturday, 30 January 2016


After a mommoth cleaning session this morning I decided I didn't want to cut the batting for the throw and make a mess again, so instead I got hubby to get the awning table out of the motorhome so I could sit in front of a window and get more light to work by.
I started to pair up the squares of fabric but I wanted different pieces front and back. What a job.
It worked ok but the table isn't big enough to lay all 12 rows so I took myself off to lay them on the bed. Easier than kneeling on the floor!!!
Proved an even harder task than I expected because I wanted to try and keep a different fabric on every row front and back. After about 2 hours I managed it. All 196 squares!!!
They are now nicely bundled and labelled.
Can't put off cutting the batting squares now - at least until tomorrow anyway. 

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Barb said...

But will you be able to go to bed? You surely can't move all those squares before the job is finished? Me just being sill ....

Good luck with the batting. Barbxx