Thursday, 18 February 2016


Well, I'm afraid to say that I've given up on the bag. My head is aching trying to work out the next bit. It also appears that the first bit I've finished is 1/2" short so I have to sort that out.
I finished the embroidery on the second bit this morning but that was it. I can't face it again today.
To re-focus, I made this instead.
It's a tea light holder but was a Hartleys jam jar. Once the glue is dry I'll pop a battery light inside and take a photo to show you the magic.
So, what to do next. How about this
If I can source the rest of the fabric I need - trying a lady in Torquay at the moment - and if I can get it right, this will be the first full size quilt I will make. That won't happen in a day but it might come together in a couple of years!!!!


Artyjen said...

Love the tea light holder ;)
Good luck with the full size quilt....I only ever managed a single bed size once....could not face doing one again after that!!! ROFL.
xoxo Sioux

Barb said...

I'm liking the look of the tea light holder too. Look forward to seeing the photo of it finished. I'm sure you'll manage to sort out the bag. A break is probably all that's needed and hope you manage to get the material you want for the quilt. Barbxx