Saturday, 20 February 2016


I've spent quite some time these last 2 days working out my jelly roll stash to make a quilt from one of my books. It looks easy enough but patience will be my downfall. I really must keep that under control once I start that one. Just sourcing a bit more fabric. In the meantime, I decided to crack on once more with the throw for outside. I only have 2 more blocks to make so I'm getting there.
I've measured all the others and I find the best size I can square them up to is 11 1/4" giving me a sewn size of 10 3/4". Hark at me being so precise. You can see that no matter how careful I sew them they will be completely different!!!
Anyway, I'm determined to make them into something even if that just proves to be a mess....
I have 3 big pieces of wadding and the smallest will fit and that's even accounting for a good overlap to allow for quilting shrinkage.
Not sure how much fun I will have but I've got a stack of paracetamol at hand for the headaches it will cause and hubby has already taken himself off into his little den so he won't hear me cursing LOL

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