Saturday, 13 February 2016


I started snipping my throw yesterday. It's such a monotonous job. Doesn't do my arthritic thumb any good either!
I snipped about 4 rows before having to give up.
This morning I began again but my new snips seemed to be getting a bit blunt so very silly me used my Fiskars scissor sharpener to try and sharpen them!!! I succeeded in blunting them completely. So the wrong tool to use. I took off into the mad Saturday traffic into town and bought 2 new pairs.
The first ones I opened were worse than the ones I broke and probably won't even cut through butter. Good job I got 2 lots because the other snips were amazing. Guess what? I've finished the whole thing.
It just needs a quick wash to rag all the seams, drying and voila, I will have completed my little throw.
I'll have to plan my next project now. Sewing or bottle altering or canvases or ..........................


pearshapedcrafting said...

Just had to catch up again - still finding concentratingt a problem and as for crafting.....!I love your throw -as I knew I would! Your Tim tag was brilliant! Hugs, Chrisx

Nan G said...

I saw the finished piece post first...I suggest a break with a cuppa. Let your thumb relax. The throw is fabulous! Hugs