Wednesday, 10 February 2016


After the numerous horrendous storms of the winter, today is simply gorgeous. Not overly warm but enough to dry washing under clear blue skies. 
A busy day with the dreaded 'H' having to done and I'm now trying to sew the remaining 5 rows for the rag throw.
I've just been granted access to the man cave!!!! What a difference in there. I suggested hubby used the remaining Lino tiles on the side of one of his wall cupboards to neaten it, so he is busy doing that. When the weather gets warmer I'll shampoo his rugs. In the meantime, let me show you round.
The little tv is linked to Freeview Sky which used to be in my craft room.
I'm going to get him an end panel for that base cabinet.
Every inch has been used. I wonder how long it will remain tidy .........

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