Tuesday, 16 February 2016


Have to be quick as I'm cooking tea.
After going into the next village this morning on an errand, I decided to get stuck into sorting the 'flip flap' bag. Most of the mess I had made had to be unpicked and that was my first job. I removed the walking foot from my machine and attached the 1/4" foot. How glad am I that I found a shop selling attachments for my now 20 year old Husquvarna. I so love it still.
This 9 patch was so wrong. I unpicked it, re-sewed it with 1/4" seams and got away with the circles. Success!
Same success with the other pieces and when the flying geese worked out, I was quite happy.
The front panel to date. More twiddling to do but tea beckons.


Barb said...

Joanne that's looking so good.

Glad you found the shop that can supply your machine needs. Sounds as if you hit gold there. Enjoy your meal. Barbxx

pearshapedcrafting said...

This is looking good - look forward to watching the progress! Chrisx