Saturday, 6 February 2016


Didn't take long to get back in my room. 
I tried to post a little video to show you around but I couldn't pull it up. I've put it on Facebook instead if you are interested.
This morning I made a couple of craft mat boards like the ones our Hels and Sue uses in their workshops.
I didn't want to stick my craft sheets down like before and these boards are neatly stored on top of my 2 drawer filing cabinet. The larger sheet is stuck to the inside of a cupboard door and being non stick, means I can just unpeel it when I need to use it.
I'm doing a bit of spray sticking on the rag throw ready for sewing. I've only managed to cross hatch sew 3 rows to date because I didn't have any more prepared.
They just need to dry and I can get cracking once more. 
The weather has been awful again this morning so hubby hasn't quite finished his man cave yet, plus the door he needs for one of his cabinets is out of stock in 2 stores so we are waiting for a delivery. Once it looks something like I'll take a photo so the men in your life can see it. I just reckon it needs a bed!!!!!! What??? LOL! 

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