Tuesday, 23 February 2016


The cheek of it, really I ask you. Turned my back for one minute and look what happened 
Actually I suggested he go in my room because his computer desk is by the window and he would have blocked the light while I was sewing.
Talking of light, here's that jam jar with a battery night light in it.
Not a brilliant photo so when I get to finish the jar I'll try taking a better one.
The sewing of the garden throw took on a whole new meaning today. This is it with just the outside border to go.
And voila, this is it finished
I am pleased with the result but will difinitely be embroidering ' embrace imperfection' on it somewhere.  I now need to decide how to quilt it so that I can plan where to piece the backing. I don't want the quilting to look silly on the back by merging with the joining seam. At least I have enough batting so won't need to buy any. 
I've learnt a lot by making this, least of all, it's very difficult to keep everything straight and true.  Practice makes perfect I guess so it will be a very long time before I feel confident enough to use my extra special fabrics. 


Artyjen said...

It's difficult to get it all straight...I agree, yours looks very good to me! xoxoSioux

Barb said...

It's absolutely beautiful Joanne. How clever you are. Barbxx

pearshapedcrafting said...

This really does look amazing! Well done! Hugs, Chrisx